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4 Nisan 2014 Cuma

iOS 8 Release Date - Timezone

Did you miss the activities from Apple? Want to know how it will look iOS 8? :)

iOS 8 download links release date for all iDevices - 2-th June. Cool. iOS 8 beta 1 download links will be works for both Mac and Windows, and is considered to be one of the most reliable iOS by the whole iOS community. You can download iOS 8 beta from for free.

Apple will open the season interesting announcements and products in the traditional time. Apple officially announced the date for the annual event Worldwide Developer Conference, abbreviated WWDC. We are waiting for the start of summer - June 2.

Developers can apply to buy tickets right now and until April 7. Unlike previous events, Apple will distribute the right to purchase tickets at random. This - response to the events of last year, when WWDC 2013 tickets were sold out in 2 minutes.

What is so interesting WWDC 2014? Apple technology users with experience know that at this event is traditionally represent the latest version of operating systems - iOS and OS X. A one year ago, exactly on WWDC'13 we saw the first iOS 7 features.

This year we will learn how to look - and what will boast - iOS OS 8 and 11. Should not expect high-profile announcements of brand new devices: experience shows that such events occur in the fall. We look forward to!

------->  IOS 8 DOWNLOAD LINKS <--------

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Don't forget: download links will be + 2 hours after WWDC 2014. 

How To Install With UDID Registration For iOS 8

If you found iOS 8 download links (direct links, torrent or on Mega), don't forget, that if you want install new iOS 8 on your confirmed iDevice (iPhone or iPad), you must read this post. We can help us.  

Waiting for iOS 8? This summer you can put iOS 8 beta 1, 2 ... 6, without waiting for the official release in the fall. Certainly we can expect something interesting in new iOS 8. Many innovations, stability and development of the system. 

To install the iOS 8 beta 1 on the first day of its release you must register your UDID.

You can do it on our website We have the best solution for you: professional advice and support of users, help with updating, fast execution of applications, warranty registration of your UDID. We do it all for free.

iOS 8 download links 

How to install iOS beta 8 and did not get a non-working device? 

DO you have problems like "Activation error / Activation error» and the display shows "register your device in iPhone / iPad developer program portal»? 

We offer registered UDID developer account at Apple, that will allow you to install the latest versions of iOS 8 beta, and the final version of iOS 8. Without the risk of losing all the data and get a brick. 
Quickly. Reliably. Safely. 
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