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10 Mart 2014 Pazartesi

iOS 7.1 Has Been Released!

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 18.29.56
Apple has just released long-expected iOS 7.1 for public consumption, the first major software update to its mobile operating system in nearly six months. As you know, Apple last September gave iOS a substantial visual makeover which inadvertently introduced ugly issues like random restarts and crashes.
Apple claims it’s fixed these problems while adding a myriad of user interface refinements and a few new features, including Siri and Touch ID enhancements.
You’ll also appreciate noticeably faster animations and transitions, as well as new accessibility options, performance improvements and bug fixes and lots more. If you’re jailbroken, do not upgrade to iOS 7.1
iOS 7.1 carries a build number of 11D169b.
Again, people with jailbroken devices should steer away from iOS 7.1 as it kills the Evasi0n jailbreak by patching key kernel exploits. The update is available for the following iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices compatible with iOS 7: the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini, third and fourth-generation iPad, iPad 2 and fifth-generation iPod touch.
To apply this update over-the-air, hit Software Update under the General section of iOS Settings or connect your device to iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC. Additional information about the security content of this update is available in this support document.
The release fixes a bug that caused the Home screen to crash for some, resulting in random restarts. Also, owners of the iPhone 4 should see some much-needed performance improvements after upgrading to iOS 7.1 from one of previous iOS 7 versions.
More importantly, iOS 7.1 includes new Siri features, Touch ID improvements, CarPlay integration and a number of other new features, tweaks and refinements, all listed below.
The company has also released the Apple TV 6.1 software update for the second and third-generation Apple TV. Again, it pays to sit tight for now if you want to keep your Apple TV jailbreak.

We’ve written extensively about iOS 7.1: check out our iOS 7.1 archive here on iDownloadBlog.
Some of the highlights in iOS 7.1 worth mentioning:
  • iOS 7.1 features CarPlay support
  • Siri in iOS 7.1 lets you manually control when she listens by holding down the Home button while you speak and releasing it when you’re done
  • Touch ID fingerprint accuracy and reliability has been improved
  • Camera app has a new ‘HDR Auto’ feature
  • Photos & Camera tab in iOS Settings has a new ‘Upload Burst Photos’ option
  • you can now use a new ‘Darken Colors’ option under the Increase Contrast section of the Accessibility tab
  • the Phone app has a new-look dialer
  • you can disable Parallax effect independently of other animations when setting up wallpaper
  • iCloud Keychain is supported in additional countries
Dialer beta 3
Other tidbits:
  • instead of saying ‘No Missed Notifications,’ Notification Center now just says ‘No Notifications’ when an alert is cleared
  • there is a new Yahoo logo in both Notification Center and the Weather app
  • you can now enable or disable bold text without restarting the device
  • a new dialogue appears when restarting iPhone 5s, which reads ‘Touch ID requires your passcode when iPhone restarts’
  • new iPad wallpapers
  • ‘Touch ID and Passcode’ has been bumped up to the main menu in iOS Settings
  • list view in the Calendar app has been redesigned
  • you can now enable button shapes
  • animations and transitions are noticeably faster
  • iOS keyboard has new Shift/Backspace key highlights
  • the slide-to-power-off UI has been redesigned
  • icons for Phone, Messages and FaceTime apps have less vibrant colors
  • Music apps has new Repeat and Shuffle buttons
As previously rumored, iOS 7.1 unlocks Apple’s newly announced in-car integration feature dubbed CarPlay, launched at last week’s Geneva Motor Show with initial support from Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Volvo.
From Apple’s changelog for iOS 7.1:
  • CarPlay
    • iOS experience designed for the car
    • Simply connect your iPhone to a CarPlay enabled vehicle
    • Supports Phone, Music, Maps, Messages, and 3rd-party audio apps
    • Control with Siri and the car’s touchscreen, knobs, and buttons
  • Siri
    • Manually control when Siri listens by holding down the home button while you speak and releasing it when you’re done as an alternative to letting Siri automatically notice when you stop talking
    • New, more natural sounding male and female voices for Mandarin Chinese, UK English, Australian English, and Japanese
  • iTunes Radio
    • Search field above Featured Stations to easily create stations based on your favorite artist or song
    • Buy albums with the tap of a button from Now Playing
    • Subscribe to iTunes Match on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to enjoy iTunes Radio ad-free
  • Calendar
    • Option to display events in month view
    • Country specific holidays automatically added for many countries
  • Accessibility
    • Bold font option now includes the keyboard, calculator, and many icon glyphs
    • Reduce Motion option now includes Weather, Messages, and multitasking UI animations
    • New options to display button shapes, darken app colors, and reduce white point
  • Other
    • New Camera setting to automatically enable HDR for iPhone 5s
    • iCloud Keychain support in additional countries
    • FaceTime call notifications are automatically cleared when you answer a call on another device
    • Fixes a bug that could occasionally cause a home screen crash
    • Improves Touch ID fingerprint recognition
    • Improved performance for iPhone 4
    • Fixes display of Mail unread badge for numbers greater than 10,000
    • Continued user interface refinements
Download Links :

iOS 8 Features, You Should Know, All Of Them

Apple iOS 8 features: Finder, Healthbook, Lock Apps, Quick Reply and more. Use the gadget running iOS 7 is easy and safe, however, even "pure" platform without jailbreak contains many options that may be unknown to novice users.

The official release of iOS 7 was certainly one of the most important and long-awaited event not only for the users of the products Apple, but also for all those involved in the field of modern technology.

We have repeatedly covered various innovations, advantages and shortcomings, which were shown as they appear beta versions of the platform and it's time to take stock.
Naturally, such a large project as iOS 7 could cause unequivocal reaction from reviewers as well as ordinary users. Disagreements and disputes over a fundamentally new style shell design of the individual components and system performance as such will continue for a long time.

iOS 8 features ..... you should know...

6 Mart 2014 Perşembe

Siri-ON -Download Free Apps Without Jailbreak -


Hello My Forumdas !

Today, I found a new free apps site !

Did you see a expensive app? Did you want to download it? 

You need to do visit  the siri on's website.!

This site is really give us a high-speed downloads.

But this website is french.

High-Downloads , Usefull, Easy to use and more...

How To Use Siri-ON ?

Step 1-) Open Siri And Open This Website :

Step 2-) Click On This

Step 3-) Which do you want to download app search it and tap.

Step 4-) Slide down to page and you can see download link.

Step 5-) Click "installation directe" and than click to "install".

And Enjoy ! Open And Use Your App ! 

3 Mart 2014 Pazartesi

WhatsApp+ -Usefull WhatsApp Tweak-

Hello Forumdas!

Today whatsapp+ tweak has been released in BigBoss Repo. 

It's free and usefull tweak :D 

If you want to hide your last seen time, hide your check symboll and more only install this tweak and Enjoy :D 

What is "WhatsApp+" ?


Thx For Read!

IntelliScreenX 7 -Beta-

ISXIntelliborn’s IntelliScreenX has been around for a few years now, and it continues its reign as one of the most popular jailbreak releases of all time. Even if you have beef with the way IntelliBorn goes about updating its Cydia releases, slowly trickling out nuggets of information, there’s simply no denying that it creates jailbreak apps more ambitious than only the most talented of jailbreak developers.Even more so than iOS 6, iOS 7 was a radical departure from the status quo, and because of that, jailbreak developers have had to go back to the drawing board so to speak. Intelliborn hasn’t been exempt from this problem.

ISX SettingsMany of the settings are intimately familiar to longtime ISX usersAs with previous versions of ISX, the Messages+ package has been included free of charge. Messages+, which is a standalone Messages app add-on, integrates seamlessly with ISX 7 to allow you to quickly reply to incoming messages and compose new messages. You can compose new messages in three ways: using a button in the bottom left-hand corner of the Lock screen or Notification Center, or by means of an Activator gesture.Messages Plus 7Messages+ quick replyMessages+ is nowhere near as full featured as a standalone jailbreak Messages app like biteSMS, but it’s good enough if all you want is quick reply and quick compose features. By itself, it would be difficult to recommend over biteSMS, but since it’s thrown in for “free” with ISX 7, it’s not a bad value.Messages Plus SettingsMessages+ features its own preference panel in the Settings appISX 7 would largely feel like an iOS 7 port of the previous version of ISX if it wasn’t for a sparkling new feature called Slide. Slide is a new built-in app switching interface that allows you to multitask using gestures. By sliding down from the upper left hand corner of the screen, or by invoking an Activator gesture, you’ll reveal a vertical bar populated with recently used app icons. Sliding those app icons from left to right reveals a drawer containing a full preview of the app.ISX 7 SlideSlide can be accessed from anywhereThe great thing about Slide is that you can interface with the app as you slide it. You can, of course, fully extend the application to take up the full screen, which makes the app reside over the top of the content beneath it. Once you are finished interfacing with the app, you can press the Home button to hide it and resume your previous activity.There are a couple of settings dedicated exclusively to Slide in ISX 7′s preferences. For starters, Slide can be disabled outright while on the Lock screen. You also have the ability to establish whitelisted apps that can be viewed even while a passcode is set.ISX SlideSlide’s settings in ISX’s preferencesWhile I thoroughly enjoy Slide, I must admit that I’ve never been a major fan of the Mail, Facebook or RSS feed sections found in ISX 7. For me, having these features enabled results in information overload. That being said, I do love the idea of having my Twitter timeline right on my Lock screen. I love that I can quickly  view my mentions, and I delight in the ability to send tweets directly from the Lock screen or Notification Center.ISX 7 Twitter NCThe Twitter timeline feature is my favorite thing about ISXEven if you’re like me, and you don’t enjoy all of what ISX 7 has to offer, there’s probably something that the app does right to make it worth your time. It could be the Twitter features, perhaps the stock-ticker inspired information box found at the top of the interface, or maybe even the weather forecast. Or, perhaps it’s the new Slide multitasking bar—the flagship new feature found in ISX 7. Whatever the case may be, there’s bound to be something you’ll find worthwhile in ISX 7, and for that reason, I can recommend that you give this uber-ambitious jailbreak release a spin.

Note: ISX 7 is now available on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. If you’re an ISX 6 user, then ISX 7 is a free download. There is a $4.99 upgrade cost for previous owners of ISX and $7.99 for previous owners of the original IntelliScreen. ISX 7 comes with a free 3-day trial. In the meantime, let me know what you think about IntelliScreenX 7 in the comment section down below.

2 Mart 2014 Pazar

Evasi0n v1.0.7 Jailbreak Tool

Evad3rs has released evasi0n7 1.0.7 for jailbreak iOS 7.1 b3, 7.0.6, 7.0.5, 7.0.4 - 7.0 with new updates. If you have iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 7, you can jailbreak and install cydia store for iOS 7 with new features. This simple evasi0n7 1.0.7 update fixed for bundled package list issue in Cydia.

Category: Jailbreak iOS 7.1 b3, 7.0.6 - 7.0
Developer: Evad3rs Team
App: Evasi0n7
Version: 1.0.7

Download Links:

For Mac : Here!

For Windows : Here!

1 Mart 2014 Cumartesi

Reasons for Jailbreak 2014. IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7

Evad3rs has released Jailbreak iOS 7.0.6 - iOS 7. Evasi0n7 1.0.6 works perfect on all confirmed iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. You can download last Evasi0n7 update from us and install for free. We have very good news for all, who make jb on your idevices. IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7.

IntelliScreenX 7 turns lock screen in the center console of iOS 7. With this cool cydia tweak you can read and manage RSS-subscriptions, e-mail messages, correspondence from social networks and easily send tweets and messages. Switching between the services provided by means of a transparent panel along the right edge of the screen. It is caused by a simple swipe.

With installed on the iPhone tweak IntelliScreenX 7 users do not even have to unlock the device to get the desired information.

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