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6 Mart 2014 Perşembe

Siri-ON -Download Free Apps Without Jailbreak -


Hello My Forumdas !

Today, I found a new free apps site !

Did you see a expensive app? Did you want to download it? 

You need to do visit  the siri on's website.!

This site is really give us a high-speed downloads.

But this website is french.

High-Downloads , Usefull, Easy to use and more...

How To Use Siri-ON ?

Step 1-) Open Siri And Open This Website :

Step 2-) Click On This

Step 3-) Which do you want to download app search it and tap.

Step 4-) Slide down to page and you can see download link.

Step 5-) Click "installation directe" and than click to "install".

And Enjoy ! Open And Use Your App ! 

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