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1 Temmuz 2014 Salı

Clash Of Clans v6.186.1 Hack ! -JailBreak-
My Game Center ID : ErkutTR

Clash Of Clans v6.186.1 Hack! 

  • iFile/iFunbox
  • Cydia Substrate
  • Jailbroken device

  • Search Loot
  • Sandbox Attack
  • Keep Alive

How Can I Setup This Hack ?


  • Download This .deb file & Setup : Here !

-Guide -

1-)Open this app after installation

2-) You can see there Clas of Clans click it.

3-)Click this bottom of the page.

4-) Setup Latest Version 

5-) Click this and then Clash of Clash will start.

What is this Chinese Articles?


For sandbox attack! To activate sandbox, turn off search loot.

15 yorum:

  1. Ooops!!! Just a warning my friends, the hack/cheat tool provided above is not working! You will be just wasting your time! Anyway, I found the working tool which gives you unlimited on EVERYTHING and you can also unlock EVERYTHING. It really Goddamn usefull haha!

    CLICK HERE TO download THE only working hack/cheat tool

    CLICK HERE TO download THE only working hack/cheat tool

    It also has instructions on using for those new to this! Enjoy guys and just wanna say that this game is soooo addictive! :D


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