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5 Kasım 2013 Salı

i-FunBox v2.17 for MAC and WINDOWS

Hello again guys... This is a really useful program. if you have a iPhone you should download this program !


What is it ? 

   We say for this program " Alternative iTunes " and much more...

1-)No Jailbreak SSH

Manage files on your iPhone/iPad just like Windows Explorer on your PC, but in a more robust and friendly way.

App&Game Tweaks

Safe .ipa package installation and easy access to
files and resources in app sandboxes.

Media Import/Export

Import your music, videos and photos to the standard iOS apps, and also export them to PC as backup copy.

And more...

Download Links :

For Windows :
.exe = Here
.zip = Here

For Mac :
.dmg = Here

Enjoy .

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