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1 Haziran 2014 Pazar

Are you ready for WWDC ? iOS 8 ? -iOS 8 Beta-

Apple's sixth annual worldwide developers conference will take place in San Francisco for five days from 2 June with iOS 8 and the latest version of Mac OS X set to be unveiled.Apple
Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference is always much more interesting that the company's iPhone or iPad events. While those may be big on shiny new gadgets, WWDC is about software and the direction the company is heading.
This year promises to be no different, with Apple set to showcase iOS 8 and the latest version of its desktop software, OS X 10.10 in San Francisco next week but it could have much more up its sleeve.
From a new home automation platform to the possibility of the reveal of the much talked about iWatch, WWDC 2014 promises to offer a glimpse into what direction Apple will be taking for the next decade.
When and where is WWDC taking place?

About 5,000 Apple software developers will gather in the Moscone Center in San Francisco from this Monday, 2 June until Friday 6 June to discuss all things Apple.
The whole thing kicks off at 10am local time with the traditional keynote address from CEO Tim Cook and a plethora of his executives. This is when all the big announcements will be made.
Below is a list of local times for when the event will take place around the world:
  • San Francisco - 10am
  • New York - 1pm
  • London - 6pm
  • Amsterdam - 7pm
  • Johannesburg - 8pm
  • Bangkok - 1am (Tuesday)
  • Hong Kong - 2am (Tuesday)
  • Seoul - 3am (Tuesday)
  • Sydney - 5am (Tuesday)

Can I watch it online?

You never quite know with Apple whether or not it will be providing a live stream of its events, but thankfully for those of us unable to make it to WWDC, the iPhone maker has already announced that it will provide a livestream of Tim Cook's keynote.
However, it's not as straightforward as logging on to Apple's website to watch the event - that would be too simple.
  • Desktop/laptopIn order to be able to watch the event on a desktop computer you will need to use the Safari 4 or later running on OS X 10.6 or later.
  • Mobile - For iPhones or iPads, you will need to use Safari running on iOS 4.2 or later. If you are one of the billion Android smartphone and tablet owners, well this is probalby not of interest to you anyway.... 
  • TV The event will also be streamed live on Apple TV, but you will need either the second or third-generation Apple TV with software 5.0.2 or later.
So essentially, unless you have an Apple product to hand, you are out of luck. That said there are likely to be numerous 'alternative' streams popping up on other sites which are easily accessible through other devices.

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