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22 Aralık 2013 Pazar

iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks List (Details, Tests, Version)

We know that if you make Jailbreak 7.0.4, all cydia tweaks works on 7.0.4. Do you want install Cydia for iOS 7? Do you wait new Jailbreak 7.1 or made Jailbreak 7.0.4? But do you know the which programs are running on the new Cydia iOS 7.0.4? It's iOS 7 Cydia Tweak Compatibility ;

Cydia Tweaks works on iOS 7:
  • Accelerate
  • FireWall iP
  • Five Icon Dock iOS 7
  • Flipswitch
  • GridLock
  • HiddenSettings7
  • iCleaner Pro
  • iPhone4Parallax
  • KillBackground7
  • Mobile Terminal
  • Movie Box
  • Music Box
  • MyFile
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews
  • Open
  • Preference Loader
  • Poof
  • Repsring
  • Sicarius
  • Speed Intensifier
  • SwipeToRespring
  • HarlemShake7
  • AirDrop Enabler 7.0+

Somewhat Working:

  • Abstergo (Installs, no effect)
  • Activator (beta): some things don’t work it also has a rather annoying message every time you unlock the device.
  • BytaFont7: you have to move the .app folder to the correct location, and it never respringsto install the font. I have had some people get it to kind of work.
  • Iconoclasm7: only one icon set works.
  • Infiniboard (Installs. No effect)
  • LocalIPStore (Sign into appstore keeps popping up, but some items unlock)
  • SBSettings (Missing some components, but working, must manually install)
  • Winterboard: It installs but won’t install themes.
  • iFile (registration fails even when connected to Cydia)

Not Working:

  • App Sync for iOS 7 (coming soon)
  • Barrel: The tweak puts the Device into safe mode when you swipe the page.
  • DreamBoard
  • No Badges
  • Power Disconnect Chime (got errors trying to install)
  • SimpleBanners
  • SmallBanners
  • Springtomize 2: has no affect on device.
  • WiFi Booster (got errors trying to install)
  • Zeppelin: You can manually install this tweak but has no affect on status bar.

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