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13 Aralık 2013 Cuma

Tinyumbrella with iOS 7.0.4 support

iOS 7.0.4 support

It saves shsh blobs which are required to upgrade/downgrade to whatever firmware you have saved them for. Really useful. If you will ever want to be guarenteed a jailbreak, I would do it.

After a long vacation… ok not really a vacation. After a long time away, I updated TinyUmbrella for 7.0.4 support. The support is limited as restoring local firmware is severely hindered on newer devices. Older devices (iPhone 3GS in particular and some iPhone 4 devices – with help) can still benefit from local restores if even in a small way.

I’m still looking into other mechanisms to bring back local restores and if anything comes up I will post it.

Download : TinyUmbrella [OSX]

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